Project Solutions

Minnesota Truck Crane Rental Services- Saint Paul MN Winter Carnival Ice Palace
No matter the project size, we possesses the skills and expertise to help produce complete project packages.

With more than 70 years of experience in heavy lifting and multimodal transport, we believe that for any project the largest potential for savings lies in the conceptual design and planning stages. We can expand the design limits, thanks to our engineers and investment in special handling tools and high capacity equipment.

When moving large and/or heavy objects there are a number of factors to address before determining the best solution. Each of these details are assessed by our engineers and appropriate decisions are made. Stability of the load during movement is critical; so to ensure safety, extra support may be necessary. Both the beginning and end set-up of the load have to be considered. Structural stability also must to be monitored. In addition, a detailed time schedule should be developed so the operation is completed within predetermined requirements.