Truck Crane Service’s involvement in the mining industry includes transporting and developing large modular plants in remote mine sites, heavy lifting services, and maintaining plant operations.

It’s common for plants to build large modules off the base site and relocate these to the mine for the assembly and reconstruction of them, which avoids needing large numbers of construction workers in remote site locations. We are available to work with clients to cover the aspects of transportation operations.

Truck Crane Service’s maintenance services to the mining sector draw on our decades of experience in the petrochemical and power industries. We are certified and we follow the safety regulations while still working according to deadlines. Our intuitive engineering allows us to deliver efficient and professional results. Truck Crane Service’s large fleet of equipment, our network of partners, and our experienced workforce means that we can undertake large projects that require more than one crane on a job-site.

Truck Crane service can also provide a crane service for routine lifts in the area.

Mining services:

  • Transport and reconstruction of plants
  • Jacking and skidding
  • Site relocation
  • Transport and heavy lifting services for maintenance